Code Mobile in the Yukon

The Code:Mobile is Ladies Learning Code’ s newest and biggest initiative to inspire and educate Canadians through teaching beginner-friendly computer programming and other technical skills in a social and collaborative way. Think: a computer lab on wheels.

YuKonstruct, in partnership with Yukon Women in Trades and Technology (YWITT), hosted the Code:Mobile squad to run several workshops- some for kids, some for women, and some for everyone!

These workshops sparked a huge amount of interest, especially among Yukon women! All 20 spots filled up in our first workshop for women, so we opened another. Then another. And then another! “We just had no idea how many Yukon women were interested in learning code! The turnout completely exceeded our expectations. ” –Heidi from YWITT. 

All partners involved in these workshops were thrilled with the high levels of interest and involvement. The Code: Mobile squad mentioned that they “loved every workshop here and can feel so much love and support from the community”. Yukoners clearly have a desire and drive to learn code, so for that reason, we hope to host more workshops of the sort and try to bring up Code:Mobile again!

Thanks to everyone involved and to everyone who came out!


Ice Fishing with YuKonstruct

Recently, Environment Yukon fisheries biologist Oliver Barker taught participants at YuKonstruct how to make an ice fishing rod and gave information on fisheries management, ethical angling practices, and why whitefish are a good catch! Steve Hahn teamed up with Oliver on this workshop to craft a whitefish specific lure for Yukon lakes. These lures were created using materials such as bunny fur and strips of garbage bags. The 12 workshop participants were a diverse group of fishing enthusiasts ranging from seniors to a five-year-old.

Once participants had their rod and tackle, putting it to use was the next step! We opened up the invitation to 30 people to join us for fishing on a lake and it booked up fast! The day at Little Atlin Lake involved fishing, a bonfire with marshmallows and hot dogs (thanks Karla!) and even some swan viewing.

One fellow caught his first fish in 40 years (followed quickly by his second, third and fourth)! Overall, these events were really fun. Thank you to everyone that came out, helped out and made it happen!

If you enjoyed this event, be sure to check out our full  Make It Wild workshop series in partnership with the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust.

Make it Wild!

YuKonstruct has partnered with the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust to host a series of workshops called Make it Wild! 

When you take part in Make it Wild!  you will build, craft, and create projects that give you hands-on opportunities to restore or protect fish, wildlife and their habitat. In addition to creating an awesome project, we will bring in experts to teach you more about the animal you have created your project for, as well as how to be a more involved steward of Yukon fish and wildlife.

We are kicking off the series with our Bat House Workshop on April 14th. Keep your eyes peeled for workshops almost every month of the year including: bird box building, fishing tackle, smokers, window decals and more!

Check our events page ( for all Make it Wildworkshops.

Thanks Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust for helping us to host Make it Wild!

Thermite Casting at YuKonstruct!

YuKonstruct has had a few Don’t Try This At Home workshops and this week’s topic was Thermite Casting!

Thermite is a combination of metal powders that create an exothermic reaction at an extremely high heat. What remains after the reaction, is metal “slag” and solid iron. We attempted to make iron paperweights during the workshop using this process.

We each created our own mold using casting sand and little plastic toys inside wooden frames. We then took the two metal powders and mixed them together in a container. We filled a clay planting pot with the powder, lit an igniter, and stood back a safe distance with a welding mask to watch the reaction.

The product of the reaction pooled into the mold and gave us the paperweight. Some worked better than others. Regardless of the final product, the goal of this workshop was the learn about thermite and safely experiment with lighting it up- and we did that!

YuKonstruct has more workshops from the Don’t Try This At Home series so stay tuned on our events page!


National Girls Learning Code Day

On November 7th YuKonstruct joined locations across the country to offer free workshops for National Girls Learning Code Day.

Organized by Ladies Learning Code and sponsored by Google, this yearly event helps get girls, aged 8 to 13, started building their own websites from scratch.

In the Yukon, we’re used to overcoming challenges, and this day was no different! Internet in Whitehorse was down the morning of November 7th, but our intrepid volunteers persevered. Later, with over a thousand girls in Canada coding at once, Thimble’s servers crashed, but the online code editor was back up in time for the girls to finish their sites.

The enthusiastic participants learned HTLM and CSS with the help of some awesome volunteer mentors. The girls designed and built websites on everything from their favourite books to moose meat!



Read Ladies Learning Code’s blog post about the event here.

Getting those wheels road-ready

May 21st, 2015: what a beautiful day to learn about basic bike repair!

Thanks to the efforts of all the volunteers who helped in so many ways – Anthony, Sabine, Michelle, Amy, Dan, Pippa, Seann, Sam and Logan (bike stand builder extraordinaire) – YuKonstruct became the site of the most generous, chilled-out, happy bike education workshop I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

About 30 people took part in the knowledge-sharing at each of the A-B-C Quick Check and bike wash stations, and more than a few mechanical issues turned into instant mini-seminars and repair projects. All in all, a perfect way for YuKonstruct to contribute to the City of Whitehorse Bike Month and Yukon Bike to Work Week.

Roll on!


Christmas Cards and Chibitronics Build Night

Instructables sent us a package of Chibitronics circuit stickers and we were excited for our members to get to play with them at our drop-in Christmas card workshop last week.

Christmas Cards

We put together two project kits with the Chibitronics stickers:

We also had 3 other craft kits for people to make:

The step-by-step instructions for all five projects are available on if you’d like to make them at home. Check out YuKonstruct’s Instructables profile:


We were super impressed with the creative cards everyone made!



YuKonstruct’s First Build Night – LEDs

Thank you to everyone who made YuKonstruct’s first build night a huge success!

We don’t officially open our doors for memberships until September but we’re excited to have already hosted some great events. This week we had over 60 people, of all ages, in our makerspace for the Instructables LED Build Night.

We had 3 different project kits prepared for people to make:

The step-by-step instructions for all three projects are available on if you’d like to make them at home. Check out YuKonstruct’s Instructables profile:

In addition to the project kits, we also had a table set up for kids to play with squishy circuits (conductive play dough), and lots of extra LEDs and craft materials for people to experiment with. Everyone left with a smile, some new knowledge about LEDs and of course, the project they built themselves. We’re extremely grateful to Instructables for sending us the LEDs that made it possible.

We’re already looking forward to our next build night in September!
But before then, there’s our Grand Ribbon Cutting Event happening Tuesday September 16, 2014 from 6-9pm. Mark it in your calendars!

Make it Late! YuKonstruct open all night for Nuit Blanche

Join us for Breakdancing, graffiti and films at YuKonstruct on July 5 from 7 PM to 7 AM on July 6 at 135 Industrial Road.


Whitehorse Nuit Blanche is an exciting all night contemporary art show that will include art installations, performances and feasts across the city of Whitehorse on July 5 from 7pm – 7am. In a celebration of our local artists YuKonstruct will be an official venue for this free action-packed 12-hour night of fun. We will host the Koovy and the Groundwork Sessions Crew who will be performing their award winning breakdancing routines as well as conducting workshops, performances, talks and films on breaking culture. From improvisation to developing routines and new moves, dancers will create and evolve with the audience.

9of28 20140703-413

Since we are still working on building the space at 135 Industrial Road we have the ability to host such a unique event in our workshop before it’s all ready for our makers. So come on down and dance all night with us! If you need some help staying up, Midnight Sun Coffee is close by, and open all night too!


8:00 pm – 9:30 pm – Workshop & Dance

10:00 pm – midnight – Film screening and Q&A with artists

Between 1:00 am – 5:00 am, Ali Khoda will be creating a live graffiti piece for our workshop

3:00 am – 4:00 am – Live dance show!

4:00 am – 5:00am – Screening from a recent Calgary battle

About the Artists of the Groundwork Sessions Crew:

Meet dancers Kevin McLachlan (aka Koovy), Emile St. Pierre,  Alex Robinson, Ben Robinson, and George Rivard for a dynamic evening of high intensity fun in the form of a breaking performance and introductory workshop.

Kevin McLachlan (aka Koovy),  and Emile St. Pierre have been training and performing together for the last four years. The local grade 12 students have done numerous shows throughout town, including Leaping Feats Dancing Through Life, Winterval, Arts in The Park and more. They performed as part of the Yukon’s Cultural Contingent at the 2014 Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks, Alaska, creating a collaborative piece with four other dancers.




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