Instructables Woodworking Club: Project #2

The second project of the Instructables Woodworking Club was a scrap wood house number sign which focused on glueing. This project involved gluing scraps of wood together and clamping them in order to create a door sign, cheese board or decorative key hanger. The club organizers had all the material ready for us and then the 5 of us (who happen to all be women), followed the steps set out by the Instructables lesson.

The lesson was straightforward and informative. We all got to cutting and glueing and creating our projects. What I liked most about this club build night is that everyone was working together to learn something new.

Lana, who’s a regular club member said this about the second project:

“This Instructables group further increase my knowledge of tools: again using the compound mitre saw, then learning about the planer and glue (who knew that stuff was so good?!).  Afterwards I also gained knowledge and experience using the handheld drill to pre-drilling the holes and using this same tool to screw on the hooks from the Instructable website.  I am again really happy with how this turned out.  I took some scraps of wood plus some coat hooks that were just laying around and made something I am proud of.  I can use these skill to make other usable items out of scraps and discarded pieces.  Again thanks to Yukonstruct and Instructables, a whole new world is opening up for me.”


Our New Instructables Woodworking Club

YuKonstruct will be hosting a woodworking instructables club!
 We will be following along with the Instructables Woodworking Class, learning together as we complete one DIY project per month.
This club is a great whether you’re new to woodworking or just want to solidify your understanding of the woodworking basics! Plus you get to create and learn with other members and go home with neat DIY projects!
The woodworking instructables club is not a workshop. Members can join and go through the lessons by themselves and everyone gets together to figure things out with the group. The intention is to go through the lessons independently and make the projects and learn skills together. There is no YuKonstruct instructor, we are learning together from the lessons put together by

Here’s what you should know:
  • Participation in the online classes and hands-on collaborative learning is FREE to YuKonstruct members. There will however be a registration fee for each project to cover the material costs.
  • YuKonstruct will host one project per month and will supply the materials for each project. This club will run for a total of 7 months (7 projects).
  • Members should sign up a week ahead of time to secure a spot. Register for the club session (project builds) through YuKonstruct’s events calendar. An Instructables premium account is required to take the classes -YuKonstruct members without the premium accounts will be provided with them after signing up for a project.
  • You may join for all the lessons and projects or choose just one.
  • Members are responsible for going through all previous lessons ahead of time and ensuring that they know the skills needed to do the project.
  • There is no guarantee that the project will be completed within the time-frame — you can keep all of the materials, and will have the step-by-step instructions from instructables to continue on your own.

Stay tuned for the upcoming club nights on our events page. Our first project will be Yard Dice!

Questions? Email [email protected]

A Member’s Story: Building Bat Houses

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to go wildlife viewing with a group of biologist from Environment Yukon to go see the Little Brown Bat in its natural environment. It was an awesome experience! So when I learned that I had the opportunity to build a bat house for these little guys, how could I resist? This workshop was family friendly, with some of the participants bringing their children along.

Carrie McClelland a Wildlife Viewing Biologist with Environment Yukon provided participants with some education on the Little Brown Bat, which was very informative and provided an opportunity to appreciate the work we were about to do in the construction of our bat houses. Our bat houses will provide the females with a safe, warm place to raise their pups. Bats typically only have one pup each year, making population growth slow. Because of habitat loss, bats are finding it harder to find places to roost during the day and to raise their young.
To learn more about bats in Yukon please visit this online brochure

Let the construction begin… We started off with several pieces of pre-cut wood, burlap, some screws and a couple hand tools (scissors, staple gun and a drill). Amy our instructor (and Simon) were awesome in helping us with the assembly of the bat houses.
The Yukon now has several more – beautifully constructed houses that will provide a warm safe place for the Little Brown Bat to raise their pups. Thank you to  the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust, Environment Yukon and YuKonstruct for hosting this workshop. I’m already looking forward to the next workshop! 

For more events from the Make It Wild! series, please keep checking out the YuKonstruct event page!



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