Sandra Peacock – YuKonstruct Volunteer of the Year

It was with great sadness that we learned of Sandra (Sandy) Peacock’s sudden passing on March 22.

Sandy was a dedicated volunteer, so YuKonstruct was proud to honour her legacy recently by joining with Autism Yukon and the Yukon Astronomical Society, to nominate her posthumously for the Whitehorse 2016 Volunteer of the Year Award.

Sandy’s influence as a volunteer went so far beyond one or two or three organizations. She was an energetic leader, contributor, and motivator for countless organizations in Whitehorse and the larger Yukon.

Sandy was involved with YuKonstruct since 2014. No matter what crazy idea our community of makers and entrepreneurs came up with, Sandy was there to help out and to cheer us on. Everything from participating on a team that wrote literally hundreds of DIY Instructables (Sandy personally documented 48 individual projects for the contest and was extremely pro-active in recruiting new members to help us win a lasercutter for our makerspace!), to making parade floats and giant effigies, to helping us find sponsorship for our events, to participating in strategic planning – Sandy was there.

You could most often find Sandy hard at work with a project on the laser cutter. She always had the time to show a new member the ropes. She dedicated hours of her time every week to keep our makerspace open to members on Saturday nights. Sandy always found the time to dedicate to committee meetings, and her advice was always well placed.

Sandy was gusto and energy in motion. There were few challenges that stumped her, because she had seen (and overcome) most of them before. She was relentlessly positive and helpful. No task was too small or too big for her to tackle. There is a quote: ‘If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito’. Well, Sandy was like a gentle swarm of mosquitos in every tent in Whitehorse. She buzzed with energy and ability.

YuKonstruct owes everything to its volunteers, and Sandy exemplifies the spirit of our community. She was our supporter, our champion, and our dedicated volunteer but, more than that, she touched and inspired many hearts. There are many ways of spreading light – to be the candle or a mirror that reflects it. Sandy was both the candle and the mirror. She brought the best of herself and brought out the best in others so that her contribution to YuKonstruct cannot be limited to herself, but extended to our community members who were inspired by her.

Sandy had a very special ability to give not just of herself, but to motivate and inspire others to overcome challenges and to make positive differences. Because of this ability, it is not possible to quantify Sandy’s contribution to our community – it was exponential. It was an entire life, and those lives she touched, and those lives who continue to be inspired.

Thank you Sandy.

Instructables final hackathon

Amazing Volunteer Awards

Last week during YuKonstruct’s holiday party, we had a room full of members, friends, partners, sponsors and volunteers. It was great to gather together and enjoy good food, beverages and connect as a community. This organization is run largely by the volunteers that dedicate their time, energy and resources into making this space the community that it is.

As a small way to say THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers, these awards were made up for the folks that help keep this place moving.

Battery – for being charged up and giving fresh energy to this space.

Trampoline – for jumping at any job given to him.

Football – for being here since the kickoff and for tackling the toughest jobs!

Knot – for tying it all together (with projects and our team).

Band Aids – for our repair man that mends what’s broken.

Bee – because she is busy as a bee working hard to create community.

Safety pin – for being our safety star!

Feet – for starting us off on the right foot and always putting his best foot forward.

Fireworks – for sparking great ideas and making projects spectacular.

Gem – for adding that special sparkle to the team.

Snowflake – for making this weather worth it (even after leaving the sunshine).

Steak – for a job “weldone” as our welding instructor

Light- for his bright ideas and lighting up the space.

Star – for being a super star!

Rock – reliably solid and because he rocks!

Toy top – because he is top notch.

Target – for keeping this organization on target.

Stapler – because he’s a staple in this community.

Sunshine – for that warm smile despite the cold.

Nails – for nailing the job!

Adam H
Tape – for sticking with it.

Truck – for really delivering!

Ace – for an ace of an instructor.

Marbles – for a marbelous job!

Hat – because he’ll take a job at the drop of a hat. Hats off to him!

Beach ball – because he’s on the ball with jobs needing doing.

Life saver – for keeping us afloat as our amazing bookkeeper.

Ksenia and Kaitlin
Light bulbs – because of their bright beginnings as volunteers.

Key – because he is a key factor in the success of this organization!

Paper – for being “write” where and when we needed him.

 Breakfast – for doing an “eggcellent” job.


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