New Makerspace Equipment!

We’ve got some exciting new additions at the makerspace thanks in part to funding from CanNor!

In the wood shop there’s two new King Industrial sanders:an oscillating spindle sander and a belt and disc sander.

The sewing room also features two brand new machines: a Janome serger and a Singer industrial sewing machine. A serger, also known as an overlock machine, is a tool that allows you to quickly finish edges on your sewing projects and the second industrial sewing machine promises to be easier to maintain and use than our existing vintage machine.

In the digital fabrication room, between the laser cutters, you’ll find the newly installed Pocket NC 5-axis CNC mill. This machine is part of YuKonstruct’s Instructables Makerspace Contest winnings.

5-axis CNC Mill
5-axis CNC Mill

Finally, the hackerspace now has an EinScan-S desktop 3D scanner, so you can easily make 3D digital models of real objects!

3D Scanner
3D Scanner

See the makerspace’s full list of tools on the Equipment page.

While not exactly equipment, you’ll likely notice that seating in the computer lab is much more comfortable these days with the bonus addition of new-to-us office chairs for all the computer stations.


New Equipment!

Our equipment list seems to be ever growing and evolving to suit the needs of our community!
Our newest pieces of equipment are:


Zortrax 3D Extruder Printer

This 3D printer is very user friendly, reliable and produces high quality prints! Plus it’s super slick looking.
It’s living in the hackerspace (separate from the other 3D printers which are with the laser cutter in the digital fabrication room). Sign up for the Extruder 3D Printer 101 training to get started printing!

IMG_5535 FullSizeRender (1)

Vacuum Former

This machine uses a vacuum to form heated sheets of plastic into complex shapes. It can do a lot more than create packaging and protective covers, it can make  detailed molds, armor, masks and tons of other neat things! Come check it out, learn how to use it, and get working on your project!


SawStop Table Saw

This is a regular table saw but with a very special feature! It has a patented automatic braking system that drops (stops) the saw blade within milliseconds of the blade coming in contact with the operator’s finger, body part or anything with electrical conductivity (say, a hot dog for example). Got project ideas but are afraid of fast spinning blades? Well you can ease your fears knowing that this stop saw has got your back! Get trained and get started!


Thank you CanNor for providing funding to improve to our facilities!

Member’s project: Judith’s Kitchen Facelift

YuKonstruct member Judith sent us the following story about sprucing up her kitchen with a little help from the tools in our shop.

The kitchen before re-finishing
The kitchen before re-finishing

For quite a while I wanted to renovate my kitchen.  The wooden doors were faded and rough looking and needed some TLC.  I never got the time and the tools to do it until recently after I talked to a volunteer at YuKonstruct.  I asked him if he thought I could sand down the doors and re-finish them.  He encouraged me to do so because there is a big sander in the wood working workshop I could use.

When I brought in my kitchen doors after a few days Logan, YuKonstruct’s facilities manager, had a look at the doors and we made an appointment for an evening to get the job done.  Logan was very supportive.  He showed me how to work with the sander and helped me put the first few items through the machine.

After the doors were done they already looked better than before.  The next weekend I painted the doors and installed them complete with new knobs that matched the counter.  Now I have a beautiful kitchen again!

It is great to have a place like Yukonstruct with all kinds of tools and help available to make things happen I could not do otherwise.

Like new!
Like new!


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