We’re growing – we have a new space called (co)space!

Did you know YuKonstruct is opening a shared community workspace in Whitehorse ?  We are!

It is called (co)space. We’re thrilled to use this new space as a way to able to help better support our vision to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit, and grow Yukon innovation and business by providing accessible shared space and programming.

(co)space is located downtown, in a separate location from our Makerspace, and will be available to anyone who would like a productive, collaborative and community-driven space in which to do their work as a freelancer, entrepreneur or small business. Similar to YuKonstruct, a membership to (co)space will provide you access to (a new) space while offering amenities such as high speed internet, a productive work area, access to meeting rooms, and most importantly a community of awesome people.

In addition, (co)space will provide members with a wealth of supportive and informative programming and exciting and fun events, made possible with generous funding from the Yukon Government’s Department of Economic Development Department. We are also extremely grateful for the support received from MPIG Holdings, StartUp Canada and a huge army of volunteers who have helped for the past month to get (co)space renovated and ready to launch.

awesome volunteers!

More details will be coming soon!  Please follow the dedicated (co)space Twitter and Facebook pages if you would like to stay up to date.


start up

Also please join us at our first (co)space & YuKonstruct joint event!  With the support of YG Economic Development we’ve partnered with Startup Canada to create an awesome program for their FREE 1-day conference for anyone interested in entrepreneurship. Register online to reserve your seat for November 7.


Want to get involved? Have questions?

There are lots of ways to get involved in this project, if you’re interested in helping us build this space please get in touch (cospace@yukonstruct.com). Any volunteer hours you contribute will count towards the 10 hours / month needed to get your YuKonstruct membership for just $5!

Also checkout the (co)space website: http://cospacenorth.com

YuKonstruct community support

Community is the heart of a makerspace

My name is John and I am one of the folks behind YuKonstruct. Truthfully, I am not a tech whizz or particularly handy. So why did I get involved? For me, YuKonstruct has the potential to become an amazing community. And when people come together and are motivated by a common goal, great things happen. This power and potential is what drew me to this exciting venture.

I once read that a makerspace is more than a space full of cool tools. It is the convergence of a creative community. And that is what makes the maker-concept so rich: community.  It’s easy to focus on the funky space and cool tools, but what are they without people?  What happens when you connect the collective creativity, knowledge, and co-operation of an entire community, and then add in a common space and tools? Magic, that’s what.

Take our event in January as an example, that was magical. A community coming together to support what was just an idea at the time. Without that community, we would have just had an empty room with cool projects. There would be no buzz of excitement, no sharing of ideas, and no inspiration to build from.

January Kick off event - a few of the many great projects
January Kick off event – a few of the many great projects

Humans are social beings. We have an innate desire to live, work, and play, in groups. This is ‘community’ and varies greatly by degree and form. ‘Culture’ is the dynamic output of congregating people over time and space, and includes learning and knowledge transmission. The outcome is rich, diverse and dynamic.

What gets me excited about the makerspace concept is the potential to bring people together and make great things happen. Already YuKonstruct has brought together a motley crue of individuals driven by a common dream. In less than five months we have a space!  No individual could have achieved this alone. There is power and there is potential in community, and from there anything is possible.


We welcome everyone to this community to help us achieve the YuKonstruct dream.

Join us on a Tuesday evening at 7 – 8:30pm where we’re doing anything from building benches and furniture to space planning. Also, be sure to check out our new event’s calendar to see what’s coming up soon.




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