YuKonstruct’s New Board of Directors

At our recent AGM, our members elected a new Board of Directions to serve for the next year. The purpose of YuKonstruct’s Board is for community members to provide our organization with big picture direction and ensure we continue to meet our mandate.

Recently, the new Board met for the first time and we chose what roles we would all fill. This year we decided to switch things up a bit: instead of having one person serve as President, we decided to go to a Co-Chair model where two people share that responsibility. This is what works for us this year, though future Boards can change how they organize themselves as they see fit..

Here’s who we are and what roles we are taking on as Board members:
Co-Chair: Colin MacDonald
Co-Chair: Amy Law
Secretary/Treasurer: Jody Woodland
Director: Bob Sharp
Director: Tytus Hardy
Director: Mary Ellen Read
Director: Glenn Piwowar

This year the Board will be providing direction on how we can best implement our new strategic plan. One of our immediate priorities is to ensure the financial stability of YuKonstuct. We will be working to ensure that we have reliable and diverse sources of funding that support our operating needs. To that end, we will soon begin the process of hiring a Financial Sustainability Project Manager.

Also, we will be working with our members to improve the way we make decisions in our organization. We will be trying to incorporate elements of holacracy: an inclusive management system that is designed to spread authority throughout the organization in clear ways, and allow for rapid adaptation.

Finally, we want YuKonstruct to continue to do what we do best: help makers and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. It’s going to be another great year!


Strategic Plan – Draft plan ready

We now have a draft Strategic Plan!

For your reference, you may also view all the notes from the focus groups.

As mentioned in the last Strategic Planning Process blog post, the draft Strategic Plan is the result of efforts put in by the Working Group.

It is a draft and we are seeking member feedback (details below).

Important note: the Objectives section (Years and Lead) is intentionally left blank for now.


A key component of this process was digging into our governance structure. We landed on the principles of an approach called ‘Holacracy’. While we aren’t recommending a complete adoption at this point, we believe it is best suited to match who we are and our need for a clear decision-making structure. We recommend the following two short videos to give you a flavour:

Holacracy is what we recommend moving towards at the pace and in the form that makes sense for us. It is new and new can be scary. We can try it and adapt as needed. Let’s be clear that the status quo is not an option. We need a new governance structure and believe this is an excellent model.


Type of feedback:

We are seeking member feedback on the principles and would request avoiding word-smithing (unless absolutely necessary).

Who / what incorporates member feedback and how:

The Working Group to continue being the architect of the draft plan until it goes to the Board for final approval. The WG will consider all member input and decide if / how the feedback influences or changes the plan. If someone makes a recommendation that the WG decides not to put in the plan, the WG will explain why.

The WG will then develop a Recommended Strategic Plan for the Board to consider. The Board will then present the Strategic Plan at the AGM for members to accept or reject.

How will the Working Group accept comments and for how long:

Members are invited to provide comment until 12 noon Monday May 16th. The Board is meeting that evening and will discuss the Plan then.

If you have any question, please contact John: 689 5269 or [email protected]

Strategic Plan – Upcomming Focus Groups & Open House

Dear YuKonstruct and (co)space members,
As you know, our organization is in the process of developing a strategic plan which will guide our future.  We want your input because after all, this organization belongs to all of us.  The process is being facilitated by Mark Nelson and Angela Walkley of Cambio Consulting and guided by a Working Group comprised of Alessia and Logan as staff, Andrew from (co)space, Alison and Colin from YuKonstruct, and Amy and myself from the Board.  I have been posting information on YuKonstruct’s FORUM if you want more information.
The next step in the process is a series of Focus Groups wrapping up with an Open House.  Results from these two events will be collected by the Working Group who will develop a draft Strategic Plan which will be shared with all members for feedback before adoption by the Board.
A solid foundation will give us the stability to grow with confidence in the coming years!


There are 4 options for Focus Groups from you to pick from, most being available to everyone.  Our goal is to fill up these 4 focus groups before opening a Tuesday option as overflow.  Working Group members will try and disperse amongst Focus Groups as well.
  • Wed April 6th, 11-1 pm
    • @ (co)space
    • max 5
    • Open to: (co)space members only
  • Wed April 6th, 7-9 pm
    • @ YuKonstruct
    • max 5
    • Open to: YuKonstruct members only
  • Thursday April 7th, 11-1 pm
    • @ (co)space
    • max 5
    • Open to: all members
  • Thursday April 7th, 7-9 pm
    • @ (co)space
    • max 5
    • Open to: all members
Sign up for a Focus Group HERE.
If you aren’t free during any of these times slots, don’t worry you can still attend Friday’s Open House.  We also have limited spaces for one-on-one interviews if you are totally unavailability.



  • Friday April 8th, 7-9 pm
    • @ (co)space
    • 700 – 730: arrive, mingle, grab a piece of pizza and ‘see’ what was said in focus groups on display
    • 730 – 800: Mark and Angela present results
    • 800 – 830: Q and A



Feel free to contact myself: 689 5269 or [email protected].
I look forward to your ideas and insights and thank you in advance for shaping the future of our community.

Strategic Planning Process: kick-off

We have officially kicked-off our strategic planning process for YuKonstruct and (co)space!

YuKonstruct Society President, John Glynn-Morris, has worked with the consultant team – Mark and Angela of Whitehorse-based Cambio Consulting – to flesh out an approach that meets our needs and maximizes the opportunity. The feelings so far are really positive. There is more information, as well as our suggested approach, posted on the forum.

There will be multiple opportunities for members of ‘our family’ to be involved. Everyone is encouraged to participate to the extent that they are able. The more we collectively put in, the more we collectively benefit!


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  (867) 457-0150
  [email protected]

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