(co)space is helping entrepreneurs Rock a Headshot!

For those looking to market themselves, improve their digital business image, or have a LinkedIn profile to be proud of, (co)space is offering FREE photo headshots (provided on a first-come-first-serve basis) at the upcoming Rock a Headshot Networking Event.

A good headshot is often overlooked, but can be essential!

Professional headshots cost anywhere from $50-$350 but are worth so much more when used as a vital part of an entrepreneur’s personal brand. However, those who are just starting out sometimes don’t have the resources to dedicate to a good headshot. Equally, without a headshot, entrepreneurs may not appear professional or established. So (co)space is aiming to bridge the gap so that entrepreneurs can present a professional image of themselves and their business, to help them gain credibility, and create more opportunities to succeed.

All are welcome to come get their headshot taken!

When: Thursday March 24, 2015 at 5:30pm – 9pm (or later!)
Where: 202 Strickland Street (2nd floor) @ (co)space!
Cost: FREE headshots which are are worth $50+ (provided first-come-first-serve), with a cash bar

(co)space (an initiative of YuKonstruct) aims to support entrepreneurs at all stages in their business to help them succeed. A digital presence is important and (co)space wants to help entrepreneurs put their best self out there.

What to expect: a cash bar, some appetizers, an awesome evening of networking, with first-come-first-serve headshots (including makeup touchups by Contessa Brule) by Alistair Maitland.

How to prepare: get dressy, bring your business cards and a smile !

This fantastic event is made possible with the support of :

Startup Whitehorse
Startup Whitehorse aims to connect, support and motivate entrepreneurs through meetup events, startup chats, pitching sessions, workshops, entrepreneur to entrepreneur speaker series and special events. (co)space plans to partner with with Startup Whitehorse for more exciting events in the future!

Contessa Brule of Color Bar Hair Resort
Contessa is a talented professional stylist will be providing some quick touchups to help entreprenurs look their best

Alistair Maitland of Alistair Maitland Photography
Alistair will be behind the camera capturing a fantastic headshot!

Yukon Brewing
They rock a good beer and are supporting entreprenurs in rocking a good headshot!

What is (co)space?
An initiative of YuKonstruct, (co)space, is an open-concept, collaborative shared workspace located in downtown Whitehorse. It is the first space of its kind in the North and provides small businesses with an alternative to working at home with a lower price than downtown office rental. In addition, (co)space offers other shared resources to members including access to client meeting space, printing, wireless internet, supportive workshops and learning opportunities as well as the immeasurable benefit of community for $99/month. More details at cospacenorth.com

Up and Etsy: Tips on Overcoming the Road Blocks

I recently opened my Etsy shop Backyard Spruce, selling needle felted creations and laser cut shadow boxes. Currently I have 14 items up which cost me a grant total of $2.80 (at $0.20/listing). It took me roughly three months from conception to opening to get everything just (mostly) right.

What’s my biggest recommendation? Be a copy cat!

Recently I embraced being a copy cat as an unabashed way to learn, get inspired, and create. Today I’ll talk how being a copy cat helped me overcome my three biggest and most time consuming road blocks to opening my Etsy shop.

Overcoming Road Block #1: Photography

I spent hours looking at others’ photos on Etsy. How did they style their scenes, angles, and aperture? What did I like and what did I find appalling? I was able to get a rough idea of how I wanted my pictures to look, and through quite a lot of trial and error I found the settings that I felt best represented my creations.

There are lots of helpful hints available on Etsy as well, though I found it more helpful to see what various shops were doing with products similar to mine.

Shameless plug time: Yukonstruct now has a photography tent ready to use! I am excited to try it out with my future creations!

Etsy photography take #1. It’s blurry, has terrible colouring, and is a poor representation of this cute little critter.
Nope x 2.
Etsy photography take #2. I’m experimenting with the background now, but the photo is still not professional and I don’t like the composition.
Bingo! Third time's a charm!
Etsy photography take #3. Third time’s a charm! I’m pleased with the composition, quality, and true-to-life colour.

Overcoming Road Block #2: Policies & Shipping

For policies I looked at numerous other Etsy shops for how much information was given, how they stated it, and which policies they put in place. I then created my own based on what I believed would be helpful from the initial opening of my shop. I’ve never shipped an item to a customer so it was great to think about what I will do in case of damage or the customer being unsatisfied with the product. I also joined a Whitehorse Etsy team to see what was being done locally.

Figuring out the price of shipping was an interesting challenge and I will simply have to learn by doing. Right now I have approximate fees that I found through Canada Post’s website for my packaging sizes, and I’d recommend anyone opening a shop do the same. There are still a lot of unknowns for me, including the cost to ship to what Etsy calls “everywhere” and grouped items, but I’ll cross those bridges when I get there!

Don’t let shipping scare you away from opening an Etsy shop! There may be a few dollars lost when a product costs more to ship than expected, but I’m going to consider this the cost of learning.

The guide I found most helpful is the Canada Post Shipping Guide of Glory. How can you go wrong with a name like that?

Overcoming Road Block #3: Pricing

Pricing was perhaps the most nerve wracking part. How much is my time worth? What price points are simply too high? Will anything actually sell?! Again, I searched through Etsy to get an idea of how similar products were being priced and found a way to justify my costs.

So, here’s how I did my pricing. Let’s take my needle felted ermine for example.

Materials = $5.80
Roving $3.00
Glass eyes $2.50
Pipe cleaner $0.20
Felting needles $0.10 / project

Labour = $150
$10/hr for 15+ hours

Expenses = $5.66
$0.20 Etsy listing
3.5% commission from Etsy (based on $156)

Total = $160

Consider your labour costs carefully. For me, this is a side project I enjoy with low material costs, but I would still rather keep my ermine than sell my time for less than $10/hr. Keeping in mind, too, this cost does not factor in the time it took for me to set up my Etsy shop (which in itself took 15 – 20 hours), or the time it will take to package and ship this little fellow. I have chosen to absorb these costs but you may decide to include them in your product pricing.

I hope this is helpful to your Etsy shop endeavors. It was a lot of fun to create Backyard Spruce and I will continue to learn and grow with it, and hopefully make some sales along the way!

Check out Backyard Spruce on Facebook to follow my shop updates!


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