New Makerspace Equipment!

We’ve got some exciting new additions at the makerspace thanks in part to funding from CanNor!

In the wood shop there’s two new King Industrial sanders:an oscillating spindle sander and a belt and disc sander.

The sewing room also features two brand new machines: a Janome serger and a Singer industrial sewing machine. A serger, also known as an overlock machine, is a tool that allows you to quickly finish edges on your sewing projects and the second industrial sewing machine promises to be easier to maintain and use than our existing vintage machine.

In the digital fabrication room, between the laser cutters, you’ll find the newly installed Pocket NC 5-axis CNC mill. This machine is part of YuKonstruct’s Instructables Makerspace Contest winnings.

5-axis CNC Mill
5-axis CNC Mill

Finally, the hackerspace now has an EinScan-S desktop 3D scanner, so you can easily make 3D digital models of real objects!

3D Scanner
3D Scanner

See the makerspace’s full list of tools on the Equipment page.

While not exactly equipment, you’ll likely notice that seating in the computer lab is much more comfortable these days with the bonus addition of new-to-us office chairs for all the computer stations.


Looking back at the journey

If you’re a frequent visitor to you are undoubtedly familiar with the slideshow that has graced our homepage since September 2014.

Now that this tribute to the early days of YuKonstruct is over two years out of date, we’ve decided to retire it from its place of honour. The makerspace has changed a lot since that Animoto video was created and the photos no longer reflect the vibrant community workspace that we have become.

Take a look back with us at the beginnings of the YuKonstruct we love today. (If you’re having trouble loading the video below, try viewing it on Animoto)


Thank you so much Andrew for making the video that has served us so well over the last 2 years!

Renovations to the Makerspace!

YuKonstruct’s Makerspace has undergone and survived some spring renovations and facilities upgrades!

The laser room (re-named fabrication lab), hacker space, sewing room, wood shop and metal shop have all received some fresh paint and tool organization to both improve aesthetic appeal and overall functionality. Portions of our bathrooms have also been painted bright yellow to improve performance in there.  The main entrance into the backyard has been transformed into a collage of leftover colours!

All working spaces have had vinyl stickers cut out and installed on them. Finally and most importantly, all tools have been marked with the corresponding colour of the door to the space in which they belong. Hopefully this will stop the daily migration and trading of tools within YuKonstruct.

Come check out the new look of the Makerspace if you haven’t yet this summer!

A quick tour of the Toronto Tool Library

Staff member- Adria, was visiting Toronto on her travels and stopped in to check out another makerspace that’s a bit different from YuKonstruct:

The Toronto Tool Library has a few locations in the city and one of them is a full library of things called the Sharing Depot! Members can take equipment and supplies out from the space and keep them for a few days or up to a week! They have everything from camping equipment to party supplies, from tools to sporting goods, from kids toys to board games…and the list goes on! And to take this stuff out from the library, all that is needed is a membership pass (ranging from $25-$100/year).

This place also had a makerspace section where members can work on projects and use tools and equipment. This was neat to see because it’s in the heart of the city and yet in the midst of limited space, members still had access to big pieces of equipment and tools to be able to work on bigger projects. Seeing this space did give me a better appreciation for just how awesome we have it in the Yukon! We have a makerspace with so much space! We have a big wood shop, a metal shop (which didn’t exist at this makerspace) and lots of room for several members to be working at the same time! Also- the yard! We have a yard at YuKonstruct where pets and projects and vehicles can all fit!

The sharing aspect of the Toronto Tool Libary is what (I think) makes this makerspace/sharing depot so wonderful! My appreciation for the sharing economy grew tremendously when I was visiting the space. Seeing members sharing more than just ideas and offering more than just training allows others to experience new things with the necessary equipment and supplies!

So I urge members to visit the Toronto Tool Library and other makerspaces outside of YuKonstruct. Thanks Toronto for the great visit, and thanks Toronto Tool Library for being awesome!


2016: the Year of the Maker?

2016 is the Year of the Monkey.  Apparently monkeys are fast learners and crafty opportunists. Sound familiar?

As we start a new year, it is worth reflecting on what we have collectively achieved and where we are headed.  Two years ago this month, over 200 people came together and said yes, we want a makerspace in the Yukon!  Within nine months, a group banded together to form a society, secure a location, and open our doors.  A little over a year, we started to offer programming.  Today, we have two fabulous staff, a robust CORE team and Board, over a hundred members and reputation of being a positive contribution to our community.

In the spirit of supporting creativity and entrepreneurship, YuKonstruct opened a sister project: the Yukon’s first ‘curated coworking space’: (co)space.  I am writing this blog from (co)space and only a couple months in, I am looking at a new and vibrant community of entrepreneurs starting to emerge.

Talk about crafty and opportunistic!

These are exciting times for both our makerspace and coworking space.  As volunteers and staff, we should all be proud of what we have achieved.  I want to thank all our volunteers and staff – Logan, Adria, Alessia, Vero and Tanya our bookkeeper – who are doing amazing stuff.  We are also very grateful to our supporters who are supporting our dream: Yukon Government Economic Development, Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency, Cold Climate Innovation, Northwestel, What’s Up Yukon, the City of Whitehorse, Yukon Brewing, Home Hardware, and others.

Looking forward, 2016 will be an exciting and important year for us.  Let’s continue to be crafty and opportunistic.

The organization recognizes a need to transition from a start-up organization to a more professional, efficient, and robust organization.  This is critical for our long-term sustainability.  To help us navigate this transition, the organization is starting a strategic planning process this month and is excited to be working with respected Whitehorse consultants Mark Nelson and Angela Walkley of Cambio Consulting.

What is the benefit of a strategic plan?  According to Business Development Canada, a strategic plan provides an organization a ‘road-map’ and ‘action-plan’ by identifying specific activities, due dates, and responsibilities.  A Strategic Plan also empowers an organization to grow in a coordinated, systematic, and informed fashion. More broadly, the process will also allow us to review the fundamental questions of who we are, what we believe in, where we want to go, and how we will get there.  Lofty, perhaps, but vital for the success of any endeavour.  Consensus and coordination on future direction is precisely what YuKonstruct needs right now.  For example, has or will YuKonstruct outgrow our current location and why?  If yes, what are our projected needs and how are we going to secure a new location in a sustainable way?  These are the types of questions this process will allow us to dig into in a coordinated and systematic way.

I am asking everyone with an interest in YuKonstruct and (co)space to participate in this opportunity.  This is your chance to help determine our future.  Stay tuned.

Together, let’s make 2016, the Year of the Monkey, also the Year of YuKonstruct and (co)space.  I’m getting excited…let’s do this!

New Additions

It’s exciting times at YuKonstruct!

We recently added two new 3D printers and more square footage.










Mojo 3D Printer

The Mojo is a professional quality, easy to use extruder 3D printer.

Form 1+


Form 1+ High Resolution 3D Printer

The Form 1+‘s  high precision optical system directs a laser across a tank of liquid resin, solidifying layers as thin as 25 microns!

Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

These two sea cans will add more storage and work space to our location!


Thank you CanNor for providing funding to improve to our facilities!


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