Results of the 2017 Instructables Makerspace Contest

The official results of the 2017 Instructables Makerspace Contest were announced this week.

The website hosting the contest,, is a place where makers can document their projects and share instructions on how to make everything from simple recipes to complicated technology. The goal of the makerspace contest was to document as many projects as possible with step-by-step instructions (instructables).

This year 74 makerspace teams from around the world competed for over $50,000 in prizes, including a laser cutter, 3D printers and CNC machines.

YuKonstruct’s team finished in 14th place!

After last year’s first place finish, our members took it a bit easier this summer but still achieved a very respectable placement amid the large pool of competitors. YuKonstruct’s team published a total of 26 instructables, 22 of which were featured. Featured instructables are selected by the website’s editors and recognize well-documented projects of a high quality.

For publishing over 15 featured instructables, the makerspace has won a prize pack including a Dremel 2000-01 Versa Tip Precision Butane Soldering Torch.

Projects by YuKonstruct’s Team

YuKonstruct’s projects ranged from easy camping hacks to custom made furniture, from a giant fictional bird to a laser-engraved stone platter. Check out the full collection at


Instructables Makerspace Contest 2017 is a website that lets you easily share your diy projects with the world. It is a great place to learn how to do almost anything, from building a telescope to curing hiccups.

As part of the maker movement, Instructables has always been a big supporter of makerspaces and YuKonstruct has benefited greatly from their generosity in the past: from donating materials for build nights to offering excellent online learning opportunities for our members.

Last year YuKonstruct won the Instructables Makerspace Contest and brought home $30,000 in new equipment for the makerspace, including a new Epilog laser cutter.

The contest is back again for 2017 and offering more amazing prizes and fun. The goal is simple: put together a team and document as many great projects as you can over the summer. This year more than before, the focus is on writing great step-by-step instructions, with some amazing prizes being offered for the best individual projects.

One of the best parts of participating in the contest is seeing what your fellow makerspace members are working on. The 262 projects made by YuKonstrut’s team last year included incredible lasercut creations, traditional woodworking, digital designs, clever life hacks and delicious recipes.

We’ll be meeting up twice this summer to cheer on team members and help each other complete and document our projects at two mini hackathons:

If you’d like to join YuKonstruct’s team or find out more, email team captain Allison at [email protected]


Monster Love! A Valentine’s Day Craft Party

YuKonstruct teamed up with SMRT Pop Ups to host a fun Valentine’s Day event at Baked Cafe & Bakery this week.

The Monster Love craft party featured fun craft kits, loot bags, love songs and delicious signature drinks.

We made great little valentine gifts:

Follow the links for the full step-by-step instructions for each project over on Instructables!

monster valentine 2

The wonderful Baked staff served up “Shot to the Heart” cocktails, a yummy mix of alcohol, cranberry juice and apple cider, as well as a fun four-person shot ski.

Some lucky winners went home with door prizes that included all sorts of YuKonstruct goodies and even a free membership to the makerspace!

monster valentine 4
Adam wins a sweet door prize!

Thank you to SMRT Pop Ups, the staff at Baked, our amazing volunteers and all the wonderful monster-loving folks who made the event such a success!

We’re already looking forward to the next craft party!

Instructables Woodworking Club: Project #2

The second project of the Instructables Woodworking Club was a scrap wood house number sign which focused on glueing. This project involved gluing scraps of wood together and clamping them in order to create a door sign, cheese board or decorative key hanger. The club organizers had all the material ready for us and then the 5 of us (who happen to all be women), followed the steps set out by the Instructables lesson.

The lesson was straightforward and informative. We all got to cutting and glueing and creating our projects. What I liked most about this club build night is that everyone was working together to learn something new.

Lana, who’s a regular club member said this about the second project:

“This Instructables group further increase my knowledge of tools: again using the compound mitre saw, then learning about the planer and glue (who knew that stuff was so good?!).  Afterwards I also gained knowledge and experience using the handheld drill to pre-drilling the holes and using this same tool to screw on the hooks from the Instructable website.  I am again really happy with how this turned out.  I took some scraps of wood plus some coat hooks that were just laying around and made something I am proud of.  I can use these skill to make other usable items out of scraps and discarded pieces.  Again thanks to Yukonstruct and Instructables, a whole new world is opening up for me.”


Instructables Woodworking Club: 1st meeting a success!

The first Instructables Woodworking Club meeting was a great success!

Our 5 participants were eager to learn, and the excellent step-by-step project in the Instrutctables Woodworking Class took us through the project.

Here’s what Instructables Club member Lana said about her experience with the first project:

“I decided to join in order to gain confidence using the woodworking tools. I found the group really encouraging and helpful especially since we were all working through the lesson together. I am so proud of myself- I took an ugly green 4×4 and made these amazing dice that just turned out way better then I ever hoped they would. I have never used power tools before and now I can walk into the workshop and feel competent enough to handle a compound miter saw, a drill press and various sanders. Which I always thought were too scary for me. Thank you Yukonstruct and Instructables.
After the first Instructables experience I went on to join the second Instructables group in October 2016.”

The second iteration of this workshop will be learning all about glue while making a house number sign. Stay tuned for even more!


We won! Instructables Makerspace Contest 2016 Update

The official results of the Instructables international makerspace contest were announced this week.

The website hosting the contest,, is a place where makers can document their projects and share instructions on how to make everything from simple recipes to complicated technology. The goal of the makerspace contest was to document as many projects as possible with step-by-step instructions (instructables).

This year, the second year of the contest, 75 makerspaces from around the world competed for over $50,000 in prizes, including a laser cutter, 3D printers and CNC machines.

Top Prize for Most Featured Instructables

YuKonstruct members wrote 262 instructables over a three month period, from June 1 to August 31.

The top prize in the contest, equipment valued at $30,000 CND, was awarded to the team with the most “featured” projects. Featured instructables are selected by the website editors and recognize well -documented projects of a high quality. YuKonstruct’s team produced 199 featured instructables, 97 more than the next highest team from New Zealand.

For most featured instructables, we have won the following:

As members know, the laser cutter currently at YuKonstruct is one of the makerspace’s most popular tools. Winning an additional smaller machine means that members will no longer need to wait as long to do their engraving and cutting projects, and training courses will no longer interfere with access to a laser.

Projects by YuKonstruct’s Team

With 262 projects ranging from tips for buying an ex-ambulance to how to turn a clock into an automatic fish feeder, there’s a lot to go through!

To make it a little easier to peruse, we’ve grouped some of the instructables together into collections.

YuKonstruct Team Members

We had a fantastic team of volunteers who brought home the win for YuKonstruct this summer:






Yukon Seann











Our New Instructables Woodworking Club

YuKonstruct will be hosting a woodworking instructables club!
 We will be following along with the Instructables Woodworking Class, learning together as we complete one DIY project per month.
This club is a great whether you’re new to woodworking or just want to solidify your understanding of the woodworking basics! Plus you get to create and learn with other members and go home with neat DIY projects!
The woodworking instructables club is not a workshop. Members can join and go through the lessons by themselves and everyone gets together to figure things out with the group. The intention is to go through the lessons independently and make the projects and learn skills together. There is no YuKonstruct instructor, we are learning together from the lessons put together by

Here’s what you should know:
  • Participation in the online classes and hands-on collaborative learning is FREE to YuKonstruct members. There will however be a registration fee for each project to cover the material costs.
  • YuKonstruct will host one project per month and will supply the materials for each project. This club will run for a total of 7 months (7 projects).
  • Members should sign up a week ahead of time to secure a spot. Register for the club session (project builds) through YuKonstruct’s events calendar. An Instructables premium account is required to take the classes -YuKonstruct members without the premium accounts will be provided with them after signing up for a project.
  • You may join for all the lessons and projects or choose just one.
  • Members are responsible for going through all previous lessons ahead of time and ensuring that they know the skills needed to do the project.
  • There is no guarantee that the project will be completed within the time-frame — you can keep all of the materials, and will have the step-by-step instructions from instructables to continue on your own.

Stay tuned for the upcoming club nights on our events page. Our first project will be Yard Dice!

Questions? Email [email protected]

Seeking Redemption – Instructables Makerspace Contest Update

We recently hosted a mini hackathon to help members document their projects on The makerspace was busy with activity as makers worked on their creations, photographed the steps involved and typed up detailed instructions.

YuKonstruct is currently in the lead, with the most featured instructables in the 2016 Instructables Makerspace Contest. We are competing against makerspaces from around the world for over $50,000 in prizes, including a laser cutter, 3D printer and CNC machine. The Instructables contest includes 72 makerspaces from across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America. Our top competitors hail from the Dominican Republic, India and New Zealand.

The website hosting the contest,, is a place where makers can document their projects and share instructions on how to make everything from simple recipes to complicated technology. The goal of the contest is to document as many projects as possible with step-by-step instructions (instructables). By recently completing over 100 featured instructables, YuKonstruct’s team has already guaranteed the makerspace a prize that includes a new 3D printer and $500 in robotics equipment. But what we really want is the grand prize which includes a laser cutter!

YuKonstruct seeks redemption after 3rd place finish in 2015

As members know, the laser cutter at YuKonstruct is one of the makerspace’s most popular tools. Our team members narrowly missed winning a coveted second laser cutter in the contest last year. After holding the lead for most of the 3-month-long contest in 2015, YuKonstruct lost to teams from the UK and US in the final days of the competition.

“Being so close to victory, only to lose by two instructables was heartbreaking” said Allison, YuKonstruct’s team captain. “We’ve already more than doubled our numbers from this point last year, and we’re more motivated than ever to win.”

Current Leader Board


YuKonstruct has a healthy lead at the moment, but after being caught by surprise in 2015, team members are taking nothing for granted. The 19 volunteers on the team are working hard to publish as many high quality instructables as they can before the contest closes in 3 weeks.

The competition runs from June 1 to August 31. You can see all of YuKonstruct’s current contest entries at

Instructables Hackathon August 2016

Instructables Makerspace Contest Update

The official results of the Instructables Makerspace Contest were announced on September 8, 2015. YuKonstruct finished third  out of 49 makerspaces from around the world,  just two instructables short of the group prizes!

YuKonstruct’s final contest entry included 252 step-by-step instructables, written over a three month period, from June 1 to August 31. Volunteers rallied at the end to publish 150 projects in the last week alone, but it was not enough to overtake the winners, Coventry Makerspace in the U.K. and Brain Trust, a makerspace team from Ohio.

The response from the Yukon community of makers was fantastic. The results are proof that we can compete on a level with makerspaces in communities more than 10 times our size!



YuKonstruct would like to thank the 35 volunteers who contributed to YuKonstruct’s contest entry. The full collection of projects is available at:


YuKonstruct members on Instructables:











Yukon Seann


Moose Dr












Members who contributed projects:

Valentines Day Crafts & Circuit Scribe

On February 12 we hosted a Valentines crafts and Circuit Scribe build night with help from Instructables.

We had a table set up for people to experiment with drawing circuits using the Circuit Scribe developer kits. The kits include all sorts of fun pieces from batteries and LEDs to motors and potentiometers.

Valentines Cards

The Circuit Scribe conductive ink pen also played an important role in making some very special Valentines Day cards.

Here are the instructables for the cards we made:

We also had fun with fusible beads, making cute gifts for our favourite valentines.



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