Update from the Board

It’s been 3 months since the current Board of Directors was elected at the Annual General Meeting on June 7, 2017, and you may be wondering what the Board has been up to.

Committees Established

As mentioned at the AGM, a key goal of the strategic plan is to clarify decision making structures and the previous Board recommended that we establish a series of committees. We have done that by creating the following committees:

  • Executive Committee
    Chair: President Jenn 
    Board Members: Vice-President Glenn 
    Staff: Executive Director

  • Finance Committee
    Chair: Treasurer Chris O 
    Staff: Yukonstruct Bookkeeper, Executive Director

  • Governance Committee
    Chair: Ksenia
    Board Members: John, Chris L
    Staff: Executive Director

  • Marketing and Fundraising Committee
    Chair: Chris L
    Board Members: Ksenia, Bob 
    Staff: Programming and Communications Director

  • (co)Space Committee
    Chair: Jenn
    Board Members: Chris O, John
    Staff: (co)space Director
    Community Members: 2 (co)space members to be selected

  • Makerspace Committee
    Chair: Bob
    Board Members: Mary Ellen, Chris L
    Staff: Makerspace Director
    Community Members: 2 makerspace members to be selected

The purpose of the committees is to advise the Board of Directors, and not to be decision making bodies. Committees will gather information and prepare recommendations for the Board.

The chairmanship of the committees will alternate between Board members every 3 months. The Chair is responsible for bringing information to the Board and members, setting the committee meeting schedule and agenda, and presenting recommendations to the Board.

The Board will be reviewing the committee structure in December and making changes as necessary for the new year.

Makerspace Committee Seeking Community Members

The Makerspace Committee is currently seeking two community members to join the committee.

Because both YuKonstruct and (co)space are designed to support the passions and aspirations of their members, it is essential for members to have a strong voice in the decisions and operations of the organization.
(Strategic Plan 2016-2019)

Joining the Makerspace Committee is an opportunity for makerspace members to have a say in the matters that matter to them. The community members will be advising the Board on decisions that affect the makerspace including hours, membership fees, training and services to members.

Committee member commitment:

  • 1 meeting per month 1.5-2hrs

  • Commitment to sit on the committee until the next AGM (usually held in May or June)

  • Serve as a conduit for face-to-face communication with members-at-large. Filling this role may include having your profile added to the ‘Our Team’ webpage as a representative of the committee.

If you would like to take part, please email makerspacecommittee@yukonstruct.com. Include your contact info with a personal introduction and why you would like to join the makerspace committee as a community representative. Applications will be accepted until Sept. 13th at 5pm.

The next Makerspace Committee meeting will be held September 15th at 5:30pm at the makerspace.

Progress on New Location

As Colin, the outgoing Co-Chair, mentioned at the AGM, securing a new location to house both the makerspace and coworking spaces together has been one of the organization’s goals for some time.

The Board is currently looking into options for new facilities that may also include an incubator space which would be a hub for innovation.


The Board is working with Aasman Brand Communications to look at ways to create a more cohesive brand identity for the YuKonstruct Makerspace Society, which includes both the YuKonstruct makerspace and the (co)space coworking space.

Looking for more details?

See the full minutes from Board meetings on the forum: http://forum.yukonstruct.com/c/governance-and-board-minutes

Strategic Plan – Draft plan ready

We now have a draft Strategic Plan!

For your reference, you may also view all the notes from the focus groups.

As mentioned in the last Strategic Planning Process blog post, the draft Strategic Plan is the result of efforts put in by the Working Group.

It is a draft and we are seeking member feedback (details below).

Important note: the Objectives section (Years and Lead) is intentionally left blank for now.


A key component of this process was digging into our governance structure. We landed on the principles of an approach called ‘Holacracy’. While we aren’t recommending a complete adoption at this point, we believe it is best suited to match who we are and our need for a clear decision-making structure. We recommend the following two short videos to give you a flavour:

Holacracy is what we recommend moving towards at the pace and in the form that makes sense for us. It is new and new can be scary. We can try it and adapt as needed. Let’s be clear that the status quo is not an option. We need a new governance structure and believe this is an excellent model.


Type of feedback:

We are seeking member feedback on the principles and would request avoiding word-smithing (unless absolutely necessary).

Who / what incorporates member feedback and how:

The Working Group to continue being the architect of the draft plan until it goes to the Board for final approval. The WG will consider all member input and decide if / how the feedback influences or changes the plan. If someone makes a recommendation that the WG decides not to put in the plan, the WG will explain why.

The WG will then develop a Recommended Strategic Plan for the Board to consider. The Board will then present the Strategic Plan at the AGM for members to accept or reject.

How will the Working Group accept comments and for how long:

Members are invited to provide comment until 12 noon Monday May 16th. The Board is meeting that evening and will discuss the Plan then.

If you have any question, please contact John: 689 5269 or john@yukonstruct.com

Inaugural General Meeting

This week 65 enthusiastic makers attended our first ever Special General Meeting!


The directors delivered the state of the union, outlining how far we’ve come and where we need to go from here.


One of the goals of the meeting was to bring new people into YuKonstruct, so we were thrilled to see lots of new faces and sign up 6 new members! Two new directors were also elected; welcome and thank you Lisa and Seamus!

After a quick break for pizza, there was a ‘big ideas’ brainstorming session. We generated, as one participant said, “a galaxy of cool ideas!”   John, one of the directors, described the night as a watershed moment in our evolution.

Now what?
All the ideas from the brainstorming session are currently on the whiteboard.  Come check ’em out!  Next week the directors and core team will start figuring out the next steps towards bringing some of those ideas to life.



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