2019 AGM

Please join us for an important meeting on Thursday, June 27th from 5-7PM. The meeting will be a combined Special General Meeting followed by an Annual General Meeting in the NorthwesTel Event Space, at NorthLight Innovation. We will conclude with a celebratory BBQ!

On behalf of the organization and its membership, the Board is encouraging new members (as well as existing Board members) to put their names forward for consideration by the membership. The organization is well positioned strategically and financially; we need strategic, member-focused, and team-playing individuals to continue to guide our amazing organization.

Interested in learning more or putting your name forward? Please contact Cospace member and existing Board member (but not seeking re-election) John Glynn-Morris: johngm@yukonstruct.com


Special General Meeting Agenda

 5:00 pm Welcome (President, Yukonstruct Society Chris O’Brien)

5:05 pm Meeting Purpose – Bylaw Update (Governance Committee)

1. Board terms extended from 1 to 2 years, offset a. Resolution required 2. Officer election; change to slate of board members a. Resolution required 3. Institutional Board Membership a. No resolution required at this time 4. Defining Membership a. No resolution required at this time

5:30 pm Adjourn


Annual General Meeting Agenda

5:30 pm Call meeting to Order

5:35 pm Approval of the Agenda Approval of Minutes of 2018 AGM

5:40 pm President’s Report

5:50 pm Executive Director’s Report

6:00 pm Governance Committee Report (Strategic Plan)

6:10 pm Treasurer’s Report

6:20 pm Nominations and Election of Board of Directors

6:45 pm Adjourn

7:00 pm BBQ!




Please note that our AGM, which was originally schedule for today, has been moved to Thursday, June 27th from 5 – 7pm.  You can find the details of our upcoming AGM here.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see you there!

P.S There will be a BBQ to follow our AGM .

Annual General Meeting

YuKonstruct Makerspace Society will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, June 5th 2018, at 6:00 pm.

The AGM will be held at (co)space from 6pm to 9pm, including a social after the business portion of the meeting.

Do you want to visit the new facility? Join us for a tour before the AGM between 5-6pm, at 2180 2nd Ave!

Call for nominations
YuKonstruct Makerspace Society operates YuKonstruct makerspace and (co)space. Collectively, they represent some of the most dynamic and exciting organizations in Whitehorse. This summer we’re moving into and operating Yukon’s new innovation hub at 2180 2nd Ave. A brand new, state of the art, multi-tenant facility with on-site resources designed to support our community of creatives, technologists, and entrepreneurs to be the trailblazers of the north’s future.

If you are someone who is passionate about our organization and is interested in strategic thinking, organizational development, and implementation: consider joining the Board!

Please send a short bio (200 words max) and reasons for interest in being on the Board to Graeme at graeme@yukonstruct.com.

Feel free to invite others who are interested in learning more about YuKonstruct Makerspace Society!

Report from the President

Outgoing YuKonstruct Makerspace Society Co-Chair Colin presented the Report from the President at the Annual General Meeting on June 7, 2017:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to present the President’s Report at this year’s Annual General meeting.

The YuKonstruct Makerspace Society was founded as a society in early 2014, and soon opened a makerspace under that name and then a coworking space in November 2015. Today we have passionate staff members, dedicated volunteers, a large and growing membership base, and funders and sponsors who believe in us

In 2016, we adopted a 3-year strategic plan. The strategic plan took stock of where things were at, considered what needed attention, and established goals and objective to move the organization forward.

It’s important for us to be clear as an organization about what it is we do, and why we do it. Our vision is to empower Yukoners to bring their ideas to life in a creative, innovative community.

One of our key goals for this year was working towards securing our financial future. In the past, we have been able to access a significant amount of funding to start-up the makerspace and co-working spaces. This same funding is unlikely to continue in the future at the same levels, and does not support the general operations and maintenance of the organization, such as rent, utilities, and staff positions.

We determined one of our best paths towards a stable financial future is to increase our earned revenue. This provides the highest levels of reliable and consistent funds to meet all our ongoing needs. This year, we systematically looked at all the ways we generate revenue and began looking and what needed further development and fixing.

To this end we renovated the 3rd floor of the Strickland Street building to greatly expand our co-working space. Many thanks to all the staff and volunteers who put countless hours into this project.

We also began offering more programming that generated revenue for the society. We offered a highly successful maker camp during spring break and hosted numerous profit-generating courses and workshops at both the makerpace and the coworking space.

This year we also secured new contribution agreements from our major partners, YG’s Department of Economic Development and CanNor. A major new development this year was entering into an agreement to host the Canada Business Network through (co)space. This agreement with will give the society a considerable measure of additional financial security while doing important work that directly fits into our mandate.

We were also able to add new sponsorships with the private sector. In addition to our existing sponsors, we were able to develop new partnerships with Home Hardware, Whitehorse Motors and Firebean Coffee Roasters.

Another key goal of the strategic plan is to clarify decision making structures within the organization. To this end, the Board has recommended that we establish a series of committees that will streamline and clarify the decision making processes among staff, the Board and regular members.

In our organization, both the makerspace and co-working space provide their members with the physical space, resources, and access to knowledge to support their passions. There are obvious links between the two spaces, and some important differences as well. A major consideration is that the current makerspace location at 135 Industrial Road is not suitable long-term due to space constraints, which impact members’ experience and the ability to pursue strategic partnerships.

Looking forward, I believe it is in our best interest to bring all aspects of our organization together. It is my personal recommendation that the new Board of Directors work towards unifying the co-working space and the makerspace under one roof, one name, one membership structure and one community.

I now wish to say a few thank-you’s. Our current regular staff are: Jaret, Logan, Lauren, Tanya. I wish to say a sincere and heart-felt thank-you for all your work. My experience working with you has been exceptionally positive and I believe you all bring a level of commitment to your work that is rarely seen. I also wish to acknowledge our contractors and past staff: Adria, Will, Adam, Barrett and Lee. You were all a huge part of our success in the past year.
I also want to thank all our volunteers. You are the heart and soul of this organization and without you and your volunteer efforts, we would just be an organization but because of you we are an alive and thriving community. Thank you.

I would like to thank my fellow Board members for your service over the past year. Amy, Bob, Glenn, Jody, Mary-Ellen and Tytus. As you know, being a Board member is not an easy task so I thank for the responsibility you accepted on behalf of the organization. Thank you.

I wish also to thank our sponsors from the business community: Northwestel, Home Hardware, Yukon Brewing, What’s Up Yukon, Firebean Coffee Roasters and Make IT.

I would like to thank our major funders: Yukon Government’s Department of Economic Development and the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency. The staff at these agencies have always believed in us and have provided us with a tremendous amount of support in becoming the incredible organization we are.

Here tonight, I am encouraged to see so many new faces. Thank you to those stepping up to the Board and other volunteer positions in the society. You will find this is an incredible community, doing amazing things. If you’ve been here for a while, stay active and keep up what you’ve been doing. You’re what makes us great.

Board of Directors Co-Chair

Annual General Meeting

YuKonstruct Makerspace Society will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, at 7:00 pm.

This year the AGM will be held at (co)space.
(co)space is located on the 2nd floor of 202 Strickland St. at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Strickland St.

At 7:00 pm, we’ll start the AGM and proceed through the following items:
* Co-Chair’s Report
* Staff Report
* Financial Report
* Elections for Board of Directors

Why should I consider joining the Board?
YuKonstruct and (co)space are managed by one Society. Collectively, they represent some of the most dynamic and exciting organizations in Whitehorse. We are at an exciting stage moving from a ‘start-up’ organization to a more professional and sustainable organization. If you are someone who is passionate about our organization and is interested in strategic thinking, organizational development, and implementation: consider joining the Board!

Memberships are available at the door.

Feel free to invite others who are interested in learning more about YuKonstruct and (co)space!

2017/18 Board Candidates

The YuKonstruct Makerspace Society Annual General Meeting is on Wednesday, June 7 @ 7pm – (co)space 202 Strickland Street.

It’s time to elect a new Board of Directors. We will be voting for general directors, treasurer, secretary, vice-president, and president. So far, the following people have put their names forward:

Barrett W Horne;       Christopher (Chris) Lloyd;      Christopher O’Brien;      Darcy M. Tkachuk;      Glenn Piwowar;      Graeme Tennant;      Greg Storey;      Jenna Marie Bourgeois;      Jennifer Macgillivray;      John Glynn-Morris;       Ksenia Gasper;      Martin Lehner;      Mary Ellen Read;      Paul Christman;      Robert (Bob) Sharp

You can scroll down for a profile of these candidates. If you have an interest in being on the Board (or know someone who is) and are not profiled here – don’t worry! Show up at the AGM and put your name forward.

There will be opportunities to meet fellow makers and entrepreneurs, snacks, and we will also vote on whether to apply for a liquor license.

Thanks and see you at the AGM!
-your 2016/17 Board of Directors

Jennifer Macgillivray

Candidate for President

I have worked in private, public industries both in all three territories and in southern Canada, during that time I have been a designer, and owner and a contractor. I started my career in Toronto working for Ryerson University designing, building and project managing for them. In Nunavut I worked for the GNU where I managed large and small construction projects all over Baffin Island. I moved to Inuvik and managed large construction projects in the Beaufort Delta Region, while I was in Inuvik at night I taught AutoCAD at Aurora College. I completed freelance design and building work in Toronto and also in Inuvik, NT while I had my day job.  I moved to Whitehorse to work as a general contractor I managed construction for a few years before being promoted to Regional Manager and then Vice President of Operations for Canada and Alaska, I moved on to work for Stantec, then back to public industry at YG. I am usually the Director of Infrastructure for Community Services but currently I am on a one-year temporary assignment as the Executive Director of Major Construction for Highways and Public Works.

My undergrad is in interior design and I have 3 post-grads – Facility Management, Project Management and a Masters in Business Administration. I have also taken various additional training program for example Human System Dynamics which is about adaptive change management and innovation. I also continue to take electives at Athabasca University through the MBA program (although I have graduated) I recently received one of the highest marks my professor has awarded for an elective on Innovation.

Volunteer work:
I am the chair of the audit review committee for North Safety Network Yukon – a subcommittee of their board, I am also a member of The Northern Advisory Council which creates standards for the Standards Council of Canada for construction in the Canadian arctic. I also foster parent and build and maintain mountain bike trails.

Interest in board work

I would like to chair the Marketing Committee and sit on the (co)space Committee or Finance Committee in that order of preference. I have always been good at thinking in innovative ways and problem solving business solutions that add value. I have been moonlighting working on a few different business ideas, there is always something on the go. I managed a group of volunteers in Ontario when I worked for the Federation of Ontario Naturalists, motivating and working with volunteers is different than any other work force, a main driver is the idea of contributing to part of a bigger picture. Being part of and understanding the sharing economy a little more is important to me, I am creative and practical and believe the board would benefit from my involvement.

Glenn Piwowar

Candidate for Vice-President

As an engineer, I enjoy tinkering – both making and fixing things and I get a real kick out of helping host the monthly Repair Cafe and YuKonstruct. I have been on the Board of YuKonstruct for almost 2 years.  (I was Treasurer of Yukon Art Society for over 15 years, and I am currently Treasurer of Canadian Craft Federation.)

Interest in board work

Even though I not have formal accounting credentials (beyond an MBA degree), because of my experience I believe I can contribute to the Finance Committee if a more qualified candidate is not available.  Also, I feel I can help with the activities of the Marketing Committee (eg fundraising applications).

Christopher O’Brien

Candidate for Treasurer  

I am currently employed with NorthwesTel as a Product Manager where I am primarily responsible for new product development and the management of existing carrier products. My secondary responsibilities include economic studies and development of data analytics software. I have a strong background in technology commercialization as I have worked in this field for 20 years. I also have experience as a management consultant where I developed business and financial plans for organizations, and aided not-for-profits in board governance. I am currently the Treasurer of the Whistle Bend Community Association (term ends this month). I have also volunteered with other organizations: Certified Management Consultants of Canada – Director; East Coast Trail Association – Director; Rotary Club of St. John’s East – Member.

I am a recent member of Yukonstruct and I will be using the facility as I build a backyard shed, as well as some other smaller projects such as planter beds, a picnic table, bird houses, and perhaps some indoor furniture. I look forward to going beyond the wood-shop and possibly contributing to the Hackerspace and the Electronics resource area.

Note that I am selecting Treasurer below however I am willing and interested in contributing in other active capacities.

Interest in board work

Finance Committee (as Treasurer), and 1-2 of of Governance Committee, Marketing Committee, or (co)space Committee.

Graeme Tennant

Candidate for Secretary

I work at the Whitehorse Public Library, various volunteer work here in Whitehorse (YHMA board, Aikido Yukon Board, helped organize Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life and Wishmaker Walk)

Interest in board work

(co)space Committee, Marketing Committee

Barrett W Horne

Candidate for Director

What to say? I am recently retired from YG, where I worked as an internal Organizational Development consultant. I have been doing OD work for about 40 years, mostly working with small NGOs in various parts of the world. I have been involved with YuKonstruct since facilitating part of the very first meeting in Waterfront Station. Recently I have served as a contractor to help develop (co)Space programming. My interest in YuKonstruct is rooted in my conviction that the future of a healthy (socially, economically, environmentally) Yukon is very much connected to encouraging, supporting and enabling the creative and entrepreneurial energies of Yukoners from the grassroots up. YuKonstruct seems to me a critical player in bringing that about.

Interest in board work

Areas of interest would include (co)space committee, governance, and marketing, in that order. I would be willing to do whatever was seen to be most helpful.

Christopher (Chris) Lloyd

Candidate for Director

Active YuKonstruct volunteer and CORE member since 2014. Site mod, instructor and actively involved in minor site maintenance. Heavily involved in group builds and YuKonstruct community projects. Education in architectural technology. Experience in planning and project management. Currently stay at home dad and part time bartender.

Interest in board work

Primarily Makerspace Committee, also interested in Finance and Governance

Darcy M. Tkachuk

Candidate for Director

I am barrister and solicitor. From the time I was admitted to the bar in 1993 until 2000, I had a general practice, focused largely on litigation and criminal law.  Then in 2000 I began serving as the General Counsel for Northwestel, where my practice shifted to business and corporate law matters.  As you might imagine, that included a lot of contract law and loss prevention as well.  In 2005 I left Northwestel and returned to school to get my Executive MBA at the Ivey School of Business.  Although I had intended to move further toward business matters, my career evolved again toward adjudication and administrative law as I began serving on a number of administrative boards and tribunals (Association of Professional Engineers, Yukon Human Rights Panel of Administrators, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Yukon Review Board, and most recently the Yukon Capability & Consent Board).  I have chaired, adjudicated or heard over 500 hearings on these five quasi-judicial tribunals.

Interest in board work

Support to the Board and Members as required.

Greg Storey

Candidate for Director

I am presently working as a Superintendent of Area 1 at Yukon Education.
I worked as a trades and technology teacher in Pond Inlet, and as a principal in Hay River NWT was able to create a working partnership with the Housing Corporation and local trades people which resulted in our high school students building low cost housing for Housing and learning skills in construction, electrical trades and plumbing.   We also created a partnership with NTCL and expanded our metalwork and welding programs by rebuilding their anchors every year.  As a result of this our student numbers in Trades and Apprenticeship increased and this success created the conditions for a 3,000,000.00 Tech Wing to be added to our school.  In the Yukon I have written the Departments 5-year trade plan and am interested in working with Yukonstruct to create partnerships with schools, trades people and the Department.

Interest in board work

I would be interested in whatever position the board could see me making a contribution.  Given that I have a fairly specific purpose to work with the board I would also be happy to simply be invited to regular meetings and assist with coordination with Education.

I would be most interested in being involved on the Makerspace and/or (co) space Committee.  I think we have not managed to knit all the necessary partnerships together to make Trades a viable choice for more Yukon students.  I also believe there is a complete overlap of Makerspace and the new curriculum.  I would love to contribute to this.   My father was a farmer and taught me many technical skills.  Many students are today divorced from the world of building and making things.  We need to mend this gap.

Jenna Marie Bourgeois

Candidate for Director

I was a volunteer at (co)space last year and have been a regular tenant.

Interest in board work

(co)space Committee and Marketing Committee

John Glynn-Morris

Candidate for Director

I am a Whitehorse-based public engagement specialist with a background in land-use planning, recreation, and community development.  I work with clients to plan and implemented public / stakeholder engagement strategies and provide strategic planning and facilitation services to not-for profit organisations.  I was one of the founding-members of YuKonstruct and (co)space and served as the first President and led the development of the organisation’s first strategic plan during the spring of 2016.  I stepped off the board in June 2016 and over the last year have remained an active member of (co)space.  I am keen to rejoin the Board to support the organization again as we chart our exciting future!

Interest in board work

I am interested in the governance and (co)space committees.  I would also be keen to support a planning / feasibility exercise that considers future space(s).

Ksenia Gasper

Candidate for Director

Right now I’m the Thursday evening site moderator at Makerspace and occasional blog-post writer, but I’ve also co-taught Laser Cutter 101, organized workshops, promoted a Makerspace event on air, and been involved in a number of different maker projects, like the Winterval lanterns. I am employed as a senior policy analyst with Yukon government.

Interest in board work

I am interested in contributing by bringing strong analytical, communication, and collaboration skills to the Board and by co-Chairing and/or sitting on one or several Committees, especially the Governance, Makerspace and Marketing Committees. I do not have a solid background in Finance, but would be interested in learning and perhaps contributing where statistical data or analysis could be beneficial.

Martin Lehner

Candidate for Director

Owner of Tangerine Technology, Yukon College instructor, working in the technology field in the Yukon for over a decade. Background in marketing.

Current member of:
YITIS (TechYukon) – Board of Directors Executive – Vice President (2016 to present)
Learning Disabilities Association of Yukon – Board of Directors Executive – Treasurer (2016 to present)

Past member of:
YITIS (TechYukon) – Board of Directors (2014 to 2016)
Learning Disabilities Association of Yukon – Board of Directors (2011 to 2016)
Teegatha ‘Oh Zheh – Board of Directors Executive – Treasurer (2014 to 2015)
Teegatha ‘Oh Zheh – Board of Directors (2013 to 2014)
Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce – Board of Directors Executive – Vice Chair (2015 to 2015)
Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce – Board of Directors Executive – Treasurer (2014 to 2015)
Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce – Board of Directors (2011 to 2014)
Yukon Council on disABILITY – Board of Directors (2011 to 2013)

Interest in board work

Interest in the Governance Committee, Finance Committee, (co)space Committee and Marketing Committee. Top interest would be the (co)space Committee.

Mary Ellen Read

Candidate for Director

I am self-employed, running a small local architectural practice, Northern Front Studio, since 2010. I have been an active board member of Yukonstruct Makerspace Society for the past year, and have been assisting with the feasibility study for a facility for the long term sustainability of the organization. I have also been a member of Yukonstruct since 2015

Interest in board work

In the past year I have participated in decisions related to hiring the Executive Director, funding applications, and contractor staff positions. I am also still very interested in working towards a facility for the society, and the possible connections bringing the two operations closer. I would be very interested in any committee that is action oriented, and is focused on treating the society more as a business enterprise, and become less defendant on grants and funding to operate. I am also very interested in working with more members in committees, and have less board separation from the societies membership.

Paul Christman

Candidate for Director

Newly employed with the Yukon Government Energy Mines and Resources Branch as Chief Mine Engineer. Previously employed in the private mining industry on fly in fly out projects in Yukon and Nunavut. Mining Engineer by trade. Successfully designed and manufactured new and unique custom mining equipment for underground hard rock applications that is now in use. Volunteer work with the CIM Whitehorse Branch and other Yukon mining initiatives. Recently became a member of Yukonstruct and wish to contribute beyond volunteer work as I believe it is an excellent organization and resource for the community. Now based in Whitehorse full time and able to commit time and energy to community organizations like Yukonstruct.

Interest in board work

Governance Committee and Makerspace Committee

Robert (Bob) Sharp

Candidate for Director

Retired educator, now operating a small business

Interest in board work

Extending the partnerships between Yukonstruct and education


YuKonstruct’s 2016 AGM

Thank you to all our members who attended this year’s Annual General Meeting of the YuKonstruct Makerspace Society!  About 30 members from the makerspace and (co)space came out to hear the staff, president and financial reports and elect a new Board of Directors. The strategic plan was also introduced! We wrapped up with a fabulous BBQ!

Because John stepped down as President of the Board this year, he left us with his wise thoughts, congratulations and words of encouragement. We sent him off with a fixer-upper bike (as a project piece to ensure he stays a member of the “makers”). It also came with a gift card to the bike shop.


Aside from John stepping down, we are also sad to see Board members Seamus Venasse and Andrew Kalek leave but are grateful for all their hard work.  We are pleased to welcome Tytus Hardy, Mary Ellen Read and Colin MacDonald as our newest Board members! Returning Board members include Jody Woodland, Amy Law, Bob Sharp and Glenn Piwowar.  Thank you all!

The coming year looks to be an exciting one.  In the coming months, the Board in conjunction with the CORE Team will focus on implementing the new stategic plan.

YuKonstruct has several funders and sponsors that make the continuing operations of the community spaces possible. Both the makerspace and the (co)space will continue to depend heavily on volunteers to remain meaningful to the community and function smoothly. Thank you to everyone that makes YuKonstruct what it is! The people are what make this community and we look forward to another exciting year!

Report from the President

Outgoing President, John, presented his President’s Report at the Annual General Meeting on June 1, 2016:

As a Society in good standing, our organization is required to have an AGM. There is often an over-looked aspect of an AGM that actually benefits the organization. It is a time to reflect and celebrate our collective success and embrace what lies ahead. For us, that means to “stop doing something and stand around”.

The idea for YuKonstruct started two and a half years ago. And look at what together we have have created. Today we have built a makerspace and a corworking space. We have built a community. That’s incredible. We have 6 passionate, motivated and highly skilled staff members. We have a legion of dedicated, diverse and resourceful volunteers: site moderators, workshop-leads, Board members, and volunteers who work at the many important little things that are often unseen. We have funders and sponsors who believe in us, even if we are a little weird. And we have community members who support us through membership, participating or running workshops, or who cheer from the sidelines.

About 6 months ago, I was on a plane coming back from Vancouver. In front of me were two middle aged women. Between reading the in-flight North of Ordinary magazine and bites from my warm Air North cookie, my ears were drifting in and out of their conversation. Until I heard “YuKonstruct”. I listened curious what they were talking about. One lady was talking about how her teenager had taken a workshop or something, and the other said she had heard about the organization but wasn’t sure what it was all about, but that it seemed to be such a positive thing.

A few months go, Logan, Amy and I were at a workshop for Boards. In attendance were other NFP’s. The workshop was an on-going series so the other organizations already knew each other whereas we were the party-crashers. When the 3 of us introduced ourselves as some of the motley crew from YuKonstruct and (co)space, an ED from another organization turned to us and asked in a kind-of rhetorical fashion: “who are you guys?” She meant who are WE? Or rather, WHAT are we? And ultimately, HOW have we created something so amazing and positive, so fast?

That’s a good question. Who are we? What do we believe? And why have we collectively created this thing despite many odds? I think there are many reasons, but at the core it’s because we are fulfilling basic human needs: the need to create and the need to belong.

We are part of a global movement that has arisen to give voice and encouragement to all seeking a sense of belonging to a larger spirit of creating and sharing the things we are passionate about, and expressing ourselves through those things we create. Whether it’s a prototype or a new business idea. This is not a fad that will fade away. What ‘we’ collectively represent is a path for a juicy and fulfilling life.

Perhaps the most significant change in the last year was opening (co)space, our coworking space and sister ‘function’. There have been some growing pains but barely seven months old, it is working. (co)space was another, albeit significant, genesis of who we are; a community of people passionate about making things which reflect who we are and what we believe. It was only natural that our members built (co)space.

I believe today marks the end of one chapter in the story that is ‘us’. Today, we chart a path with great purpose and clarity. Through what I would suggest as an inclusive and comprehensive process, we have developed a community-driven Strategic Plan that outlines our common future. Importantly, it addresses governance which isn’t sexy but critical to our existence. Also, the process clearly cemented (co)space to YuKonstruct. We have much in common and are better together.

As part of this new chapter, we are in the process of hiring an Executive Director for our organization. This ED will work with us to implement our Strategic Plan and help us develop from a start-up to a more sustainable organization. This will be new and I ask us to trust whoever this individual will be in their efforts and support them along the way. I don’t think it will be easy, but I am confident that if we trust each other, are patient, committed, and open to trying something new, this act will propel us to something even greater. The status quo is not an option. And really, trying things in the spirit of making something better is what we are all about.

We have an amazing brand based on a culture that is authentic, positive, and productive. Our brand has garnered a lot of interest particularly at the political level, be it for economic diversification, community health, or quality of life. Let us not be shy of this attention and over the summer and early fall, be proud of our place in the Yukon and be open about how we wish to contribute to a prosperous future for everyone.

I now wish to say a few thank-you’s. We have exceptional staff who are our backbone. Here at YuKonstruct, thank you Logan, Adria and Will. At (co)space, thank you Alessia, Vero and RP. And thank you Tanya, our dedicated bookkeeper. In your own ways, you have each been a big part of the story that is our success. And welcome to our summer-staff members!

I would like to highlight Logan and Alessia who have doggedly championed us at the tables of decision-makers and in the trenches of mundane tasks. Thank you.

I also want to thank our volunteers. You are the heart and soul of this organization and without you and your volunteer efforts, we would just be an organization but because of you we are an alive and thriving community. Thank you.

I would like to particularly thank 3 very special volunteers. Allison, Chris, and Michelle. Since the beginning, for literally years, you have gone above and beyond for this organization and we are the richer. Thank you.

I would like to thank my fellow board members for your service over the past year. Amy, Andrew, Bob, Glenn, Jody, and Seamus. As you know, being a Board member is not an easy task so I thank for the responsibility you accepted on behalf of the organization. Thank you.

Finally, I would like to thank our funders and sponsors: CanNor, Northwestel, Yukon College, MPIG Holdings, What’s Up Yukon, Yukon Brewing, Home Hardware, and others. Thank you.

I would like to make a special thank you to the team at T2D2 within Yukon Government’s Department of Economic Development. Steve, Ben, and Vero – thank you for your faith in us and our efforts. Folks, we are so lucky to have champions like these on the inside. Thank you.

Looking forward, I am encouraged to see so many new faces in our spaces! Thank you to those stepping up to the Board, site mods, and other volunteers. If you are new, welcome. Be part of this community, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and challenge the status quo (in a productive way). For smart growth, change, and adaptability is what will keep us alive.

On a personal note, thank you for trusting me as your president over the last several years. It has been a wild ride with highs and lows. This weird, wonderful and at times frustrating thing we have created together has been one of the highlights of my life. I am sad to move on from this role but believe there is a time for everything and change is important for me and the organization. And who knows, maybe this fall I will wow you all with my secret ninja maker skills!

I will leave you with a closing thought.

We are not about any one person. It’s about us. We are a community. To use a close-to-home metaphor, a makerspace isn’t really a makerspace if it only has one tool. There has to be lots of tools of different shapes, sizes, ages, uses….diverse but all with a singular purpose to help make things. And that goes the same for the people. For it is the people who are the true magic. And I don’t think it can ever be about any one person, or small group of people, but the collection of us all. And I hope that doesn’t change. It’s not about me, or you, or them. It’s about us.

Today we stand tall. Let us be proud of where we have come from and where we are going. And let us be reminded that with a ‘big tent’ for everyone, we keep the magic alive.

John Glynn-Morris
Board President

John with his new bike project


We would be delighted if you could join YuKonstruct and (co)space staff, volunteers and the Board of Directors for our Annual General Meeting.  And did we mention BBQ?!

Date: Wednesday, June 1st
Time: 7:00 pm AGM / 7:40 pm BBQ
Location: YuKonstruct (135 Industrial Road)

Join fellow-members and enjoy some good food (veggies and gluten-free options available). These are your spaces and your community – help shape the next year in our evolution!

At 7:00 pm, we’ll start the AGM and proceed through the following items:

* President’s Report (John Glynn-Morris)
* Staff report (Logan Sherk for YuKonstruct and Alessia Guthrie for (co)space)
* Financial Report (Jody Woodland)
* Elections for Board of Directors (we are looking for people!)

Why should I consider joining the Board?
YuKonstruct and (co)space are managed by one Society.  Collectively, they represent some of the most dynamic and exciting organizations in Whitehorse.  We are at an exciting stage moving from a ‘start-up’ organization to a more professional and sustainable organization.  To that end, we have completed a thorough strategic planning process, are exploring an innovative and progressive governance structure (‘holacracy’), and will be transition to having an Executive Director.  If you are someone who is passionate about our organization and is interested in strategic thinking, organizational development, and implementation: consider joining the Board.  Interested?  Please complete this form: HERE.

Strategic Plan Adoption
After the AGM, the Strategic Plan will be presented for members to vote on.
….and then, BBQ in what promises to be amazing weather!  OK, no promises but it will be fun.  You never know what can happen when you bring together ‘makers’ and ‘entrepreneurs’…

Memberships are available at the door.

Feel free to invite others who are interested in learning more about YuKonstruct and (co)space!

Please RSVP on Facebook to let us know you are attending. 


If you have any questions, please contact John Glynn-Morris

Inaugural Annual General Meeting

Thank you to all our members who attended our first AGM!  About 30 members came out to discuss and approve our bylaws and elect a new Board of Directors.  We wrapped up with a fabulous BBQ!

The Board and members are sad to see Rick Steele and Lisa Kanary leave the Board but are grateful for all their hard work.  However, we are pleased to welcome both Bob Sharp and Amy Law as our newest Board members!
Returning Board members include Jody Woodland, Andrew Kalek, Glenn Piwowar, Seamus Venasse and myself, John Glynn-Morris.  Thank you all!

The coming year looks to be an exciting one.  At this point, the Board in conjunction with the Core Team will focus on smoother operations, expanding to have three staff members, and explore alternative locations as part of a larger strategic planning exercise.

YuKonstruct will continue to depend heavily on volunteers to remain meaningful to the community and function smoothly.  And that is the beauty of YuKonstruct: it is bigger than any one person or group of people.  It is a community.

Here’s to an exciting year!


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