A 3-month virtual program to develop and validate your STEM business idea

The Startup bootcamp is right for you if:
  • You have an idea for a technology or STEM product that you are passionate about but you have no idea how to bring it to life in the business world
  • You have the technical skills to bring it to life, and you need the business expertise to get you to the next level 
  • Your startup is operating but you still need to understand where you fit in the market, and validate the demand
  • You know you need support around building a team, raising capital, and business basics
key objectives of the Startup Bootcamp:
  • Connect you to a supportive network of mentors and access to a community of dynamic entrepreneurs
  • Inspire and inform you with engaging industry leading speakers 
  • Deliver training and mentorship that will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to prepare you to bring your product to market 
  • Teach you how to attract the capital you need to take you idea to the next level
  • Opportunity to be paired with an experienced, dedicated business manager to go through the program with you


What will you get? 

12 week online Bootcamp program

  • Our online training modules and weekly virtual sessions will go deep into topics like customer discovery, sales strategy, marketing, pitching, and much more.

Specialized guest speaker sessions

  • An impressive lineup of industry-leading guest speakers who will share their knowledge and expertise in areas such as sales & marketing, capital, legal, finance, team & recruitment, not to mention founders who understand your current journey.

Introductions to Yukon’s Startup Community

  • Taking part in the Bootcamp will connect you to potential partners, investors, funding opportunities, business services, and a dynamic community of fellow entrepreneurs.

Program Graduation and Pitch Night

  • An opportunity to pitch your startup to an audience of stakeholders, investors and fellow entrepreneurs.
If you have any questions, please contact [email protected], or call us at (867) 457-0150



  • Am I giving away any rights over my idea?

No. We have worked hard with an IP lawyer to create a contract that protects you and your idea to prevent this from happening.

  • How is my product/business information protected?

The engagement contract contains provisions that ensure the ownership of the original idea and any other idea and innovation that occurs during the Business Manager's engagement remains your property and no claims can be made against it.

  • What if things don’t work out with my assigned business manager?

Early termination is possible, and we will do our best to introduce a new Business Manager to ensure you can benefit from this perk and get the most out of the program.

  • How will you pair me with my business manager?

Once you are accepted into the program, we will share all Business Manager's CVs with you. There will also be a virtual matchmaking session where you will get to meet all the Business Managers and have the opportunity to discuss your company in private breakout rooms. You are free to set up other meetings after that to ensure you will be comfortable working with your Business Manager.

  • I am interested in being a business manager for this Bootcamp, where can I learn more? 

We would love to chat with you! Go here to learn more about the opportunity. 

Meet the Facilitator



Chin is the Founder of ClassyNarwhal. He comes from a rich background in startup support and corporate sales. Chin has spent the past 6 years leading programs and supporting mission-driven companies in an incubator/accelerator in Vancouver called Spring.

His area of focus includes Market Validation, Sales, Company Culture, Process Automation, and Revenue Optimization. Chin has been active in Vancouver's tech startup ecosystem since 2014.

You can find him on LinkedIn

more about your entrepreneurial journey with yukonstruct

Yukonstruct provides the resources and support for entrepreneurs to launch and thrive. With our curated bootcamp, we will help you learn what you need as an entrepreneur to kickstart your business, from pitching, to marketing, to discovering who your customer base is, we will guide you in the beginning stages of your business.

we are excited to work with Northern based entrepreneurs from near and far.

At Yukonstruct we provide a community to our entrepreneurs, where they can thrive and grow. We believe that connecting startups with like minded individuals encourages collaboration, and growth among startups. We foster innovation and creativity, while providing startups with local, national, and international networking opportunities, helping them find the right fit.

Our business programs are for early-stage startups looking to learn and grow their company. We also support our startups by providing access to a Makerspace and a Coworking space, and host regular interviews with established entrepreneurs in the Entrepreneur Speaker Series.

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