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Yukonstruct has a strong history in fostering the sharing economy, including launching the first makerspace, the first coworking space, and the first innovation hub north of 60. Now we’ve set our sights on building a nesting ground to bring innovative and collaborative approaches to the food services industry utilizing the kitchen in the lobby of the NorthLight Innovation building.

Some ideas include food labs, food processing, counter services, side-hustles, and co-ops, but we want to hear your wild and ambitious ideas, and we need your help to make it happen!


  • An approach that encourages a business or businesses to utilize the resources of the space.
  • Interaction with the existing NorthLight Innovation community and visitors to the building. 
  • A partner that is able to manage operations within the space, and oversee its menu, staffing, ordering, preparation, and finances.
  • Consistent with Yukonstruct’s values of community, creativity, opening doors, and being bold.
  • Clear synergy with the main purpose of the space being for coworking and meetings.
  • Share the space. Private businesses are acceptable, but should be pitched only as a launching ground or incubation space for their business/concept, and not as a long term location, to enable future opportunities for others.

About the Space

The area includes:

  • Approx. 200-350ft² space
  • Industrial sink
  • Industrial range hood
  • Propane fuel service
  • Electrical supply/plumbing
  • Stainless steel work counters
  • Locking shutters
  • Existing millwork/counter
  • Part of a vibrant community of ~200 members and tenants in the NorthLight Innovation building

Entrants are encouraged to visit the space for inspiration. Bookings and questions can be directed to [email protected].

Yukonstruct Members’ Lounge

Adjacent to the kitchen is the future location of the Yukonstruct Members’ Lounge, an area reserved for a cozy, communal gathering place for all NorthLight members and guests of members.

This area will be operated by Yukonstruct and its design will be informed, in part, by the proposed usage of the lease area. One of the goals of the Members’ Lounge is to provide counter service or other light food options for members, ideally in collaboration with this proposal.

The kitchen’s proximity to the lounge is ideal to provide sales to our members, and counter service can be made to the public via the lobby-facing side of the lease area, pending a COVID safety plan.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on:

  • Alignment with Yukonstruct goals
  • Compatibility with existing space and equipment.
  • Synergy with Members’ Lounge and lobby/entry area
  • Retain revenue and benefits for Yukonstruct members
  • Schedule/timeline for implementation


This call for expressions of interest will remain open until next steps for the space are decided. Please submit proposals to [email protected]. Next review date is February 1st. We will be accepting proposals until the candidate(s) are chosen.