New Tool Cards at YuKonstruct’s Makerspace

Tool cards for every major piece of equipment at Yukonstruct have been completed! These cards outline each tool’s basic operating information, safety hazards, material use, required training, maintenance, and resources for any questions the operator may have. They also answer why someone might use a particular tool, and provide examples of projects which can be made with them.

As the newest completion in this summer’s facilities upgrades, they will help make equipment more accessible for those new to Yukonstruct as well as long time members. They will also help members by providing a refresher on proper operation and safety techniques for which they may not have remembered since they were first trained.

These cards can be found on or near every tool and may be coupled with additional resources depending on the tool. 

Tool card 2

Renovations to the Makerspace!

YuKonstruct’s Makerspace has undergone and survived some spring renovations and facilities upgrades!

The laser room (re-named fabrication lab), hacker space, sewing room, wood shop and metal shop have all received some fresh paint and tool organization to both improve aesthetic appeal and overall functionality. Portions of our bathrooms have also been painted bright yellow to improve performance in there.  The main entrance into the backyard has been transformed into a collage of leftover colours!

All working spaces have had vinyl stickers cut out and installed on them. Finally and most importantly, all tools have been marked with the corresponding colour of the door to the space in which they belong. Hopefully this will stop the daily migration and trading of tools within YuKonstruct.

Come check out the new look of the Makerspace if you haven’t yet this summer!

Canada Day Parade

For the second year now, YuKonstruct participated in the Canada Day Parade! Having (co)space as part of the parade was a new addition and it made it that much better!

(co)space and YuKonstruct’s contribution to the parade was a brightly decorated float with moose, red striped trees, a red and white balloon arch, and bubbles!  (This float was redecorated very quickly after entering a float in the Pride Parade)

A lot of volunteer hours went into building the float from (co)space and YuKonstruct. We couldn’t have done without all the awesome volunteers! THANK YOU!