A Member’s Story: Building Bat Houses

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to go wildlife viewing with a group of biologist from Environment Yukon to go see the Little Brown Bat in its natural environment. It was an awesome experience! So when I learned that I had the opportunity to build a bat house for these little guys, how could I resist? This workshop was family friendly, with some of the participants bringing their children along.

Carrie McClelland a Wildlife Viewing Biologist with Environment Yukon provided participants with some education on the Little Brown Bat, which was very informative and provided an opportunity to appreciate the work we were about to do in the construction of our bat houses. Our bat houses will provide the females with a safe, warm place to raise their pups. Bats typically only have one pup each year, making population growth slow. Because of habitat loss, bats are finding it harder to find places to roost during the day and to raise their young.
To learn more about bats in Yukon please visit this online brochure

Let the construction begin… We started off with several pieces of pre-cut wood, burlap, some screws and a couple hand tools (scissors, staple gun and a drill). Amy our instructor (and Simon) were awesome in helping us with the assembly of the bat houses.
The Yukon now has several more – beautifully constructed houses that will provide a warm safe place for the Little Brown Bat to raise their pups. Thank you to  the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust, Environment Yukon and YuKonstruct for hosting this workshop. I’m already looking forward to the next workshop! 

For more events from the Make It Wild! series, please keep checking out the YuKonstruct event page!


National Volunteer Week!

Happy National Volunteer Week! This is a great opportunity for YuKonstruct to say THANK YOU to all of our hardworking volunteers!

YuKonstruct is a member-based society that is able to run because of the hard work put in by volunteers. With the support and efforts from over 50 volunteers, we are able to offer the training, workshops, and events that we do!

We are always happy to have more helping hands! So if you have an interest in volunteering, the makerspace is a great opportunity to meet new people, gain new skills, and become part of a community organization doing really neat things!

We have a brand new volunteer page on our website! It shows the benefits of volunteering, what jobs need to get done, and how you can sign up to volunteer in your areas of interest.

Interested? Fill out this form, send an email to [email protected], or check out yukonstruct.com/volunteer/ 


Ice Fishing with YuKonstruct

Recently, Environment Yukon fisheries biologist Oliver Barker taught participants at YuKonstruct how to make an ice fishing rod and gave information on fisheries management, ethical angling practices, and why whitefish are a good catch! Steve Hahn teamed up with Oliver on this workshop to craft a whitefish specific lure for Yukon lakes. These lures were created using materials such as bunny fur and strips of garbage bags. The 12 workshop participants were a diverse group of fishing enthusiasts ranging from seniors to a five-year-old.

Once participants had their rod and tackle, putting it to use was the next step! We opened up the invitation to 30 people to join us for fishing on a lake and it booked up fast! The day at Little Atlin Lake involved fishing, a bonfire with marshmallows and hot dogs (thanks Karla!) and even some swan viewing.

One fellow caught his first fish in 40 years (followed quickly by his second, third and fourth)! Overall, these events were really fun. Thank you to everyone that came out, helped out and made it happen!

If you enjoyed this event, be sure to check out our full  Make It Wild workshop series in partnership with the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust.

Make it Wild!

YuKonstruct has partnered with the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust to host a series of workshops called Make it Wild! 

When you take part in Make it Wild!  you will build, craft, and create projects that give you hands-on opportunities to restore or protect fish, wildlife and their habitat. In addition to creating an awesome project, we will bring in experts to teach you more about the animal you have created your project for, as well as how to be a more involved steward of Yukon fish and wildlife.

We are kicking off the series with our Bat House Workshop on April 14th. Keep your eyes peeled for workshops almost every month of the year including: bird box building, fishing tackle, smokers, window decals and more!

Check our events page (www.yukonstruct.com/events) for all Make it Wildworkshops.

Thanks Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust for helping us to host Make it Wild!


YuKonstruct’s Facebook page recently hit a milestone 1,000 likes!

To celebrate, we decided to do a draw from amongst our one thousand fans. We used random.org to generate a random number between 1 and 1,000 and then counted down from our full list of Facebook followers.

Nicole Bauberger was the lucky winner!

She will receive a prize pack that includes:

  • one month of free membership at YuKonstruct
  • YuKonstruct t-shirt
  • YuKonstruct maker mug
  • fun craft kits and other goodies!



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